One day or day one



One Day or Day One

» Our choiches defines our every day, but it also can totally change by just one choice. «

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By making four conscious choices

during the day, and with the right intentions, it can be valuable and create a good quality of life without it being at the expense of anything or anyone.

How do you feel when you make your choices? Are the choices you make something you are comfortable with? Are there choices that help build your security, future or towards something you want to achieve or experience?

Time is the only currency that has a real value, money comes and goes, but time only goes one way. So who, what and why you spend your time on is something you should think carefully about. Not least, how can you get or buy more time back for yourself.

Money is an important tool for everyone today, but over time you become more aware of how you earn your money. Many people want to earn their money from something they have a passion for. Not necessarily getting rich is the goal, but enjoying what you do while being paid for your own value.

Finally, who can we help during our day by taking care of all the other three choices as well. Many people want to help others, but usually have to start by helping themselves first. And this is done by starting from the top and working your way down until you can make a choice during the day that goes through all these points.

We don't do much marketing, but love to collaborate with others!

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Customers and partners

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Jahn Denver Thomassen

I am a "lifestyle engineer" who has been in the networking industry professionally for a decade. My passion is in the subject of personal development, business coaching, health and well-being. Over time, I have built a client portfolio with passive income from my passion. Now I have created an everyday life where I work with tomorrow's future leaders and entrepreneurs. This is something I am incredibly grateful for, that I can work with committed people who want to increase their own and others' quality of life without having to compromise anything just by making a few simple choices.


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